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Floey Ramone

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March 10, 2007 ]
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dance like a beautiful dance whore

February 11, 2007 ]
today i went out with laura to canterbury
i spent about £80
but i got some sexy denim short shorts.
a very nice coat thats incredibly 80's shell suit.some grey leggings.
and a new top. that looks like its got zillions of mini glow sticks on it. and you know how i feel about glow sticks! :]]

we were retards in the changing rooms and laura got stuck in a dress ahah.
was bare jokes.

i thought a girl working in h&m was a fit boy. :|
we went to an italian restaurant. we felt well sophisticated.
until i couldnt finnish my food so laura had some. and spilt peas on the table. ahhaha
and when she tried to hide it she squished it under her napkin. loll.
and we werent sure how much to tip.
so i put lots of 20ps in with it to make it more hehe.

i got another piercing!yeah its only in my lobe above my tunnel. but im being brave and saying it didnt hurt.
it did but it wasnt that bad.

and we saw oskas fit mate guy.lol
dance like a beautiful dance whore

February 4, 2007 ]

im fucking dyingg!!!

and a bit hysterical and over dramatic too it would seem.

i should be doing college work.
butt i keep finding things to distract myself with.
like posting pointless livejournal posts :]
my dads printer's run away.
it was over in the corner by the fireplace.
and its dissapeared.
considering my dad has no cupboards yet, theres not many places it could be hiding. so im just assuming its joined the navy.
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*sigh* [
February 3, 2007 ]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i make a mess of things so much. its starting to feel quite comfortable.
that knotted sick cold feeling of 'oh shit'
i think i might have slight problems with commitment. or relationships in general actually.
im allright all the time people dont seem like theyre actually interested. but once it starts to get serious i get scared and try to push them away.
kinda as a test to see how easy it is to get them to back off and just leave me alone. and also as a kinda defence. if i push them away it doesnt give them the chance to hurt me. its stupid. the ideas there but it just means im upsetting myself. haha.

never mind :]

il learn one day. hehe.

i have a new crush on someone i dont know.
i think i like those the best
you can make up a whole personality for them and they can be perfect because youve never actually spoken to them. ahaha

well, i was walking down from college, and sounds perfect were playing the smiths rather louudly
so i sat down with lauwra on the benches outside and i was kinda wiggling along, and mouthing the words in a morrisey fashion

when a cute indie boy, who im guessing works in sounds perfect, came out, stood at the door and lit up a cigarette.
i noticed him come outside but assumed he wouldnt look over due to the fact i bear a great resemblance to a vulcan with my newly cut fringe and untamed eyebrows, so carried on as i was.

well he did
and he started kinda dancing along too and mouthing the words in quite an exaggerated way which, i think might have been for my benefit, just to make it quite obvious he too could do the morrisey motions. ahaha
my friend ben was standing half infront of the cutie. so i only made eye contact when i danced to the left.. but when i did i noticed him looking over and smiling, but i was pretending to be talking to ben so i didnt know whether or not to smile back. haha also. i look like a vulcan. have you ever seen a vulcan smile? no. theres a reason.

but then the other guy who works in there [manny], changed the cd.
cute indie boy threw his hands up in the air in a 'why god' gesture, stuck his finger up at manny, put his cigarette out and went back inside

anyway. so i told all this to jojo.
and how id been having a look to see if i could find his myspace.
but i couldnt find it.
and came to the conclusion hes living a smiths indie way of life.
the kinda 'i dont need technology i still write letters' kinda lifestyle.
where you take public transport because youre doing your bit for the world, you recycle, and youre vegetarian too.
the whole i ride a bicycle shop in thrift stores and eat jam sandwiches type of lifestyle.
the smiths song type lifestyle

i decided id quite love to live like that and with a sigh i decided i would.

after getting slightly distracted, and dicussing forearms and confusion over dog jumpers, jojo and i decided...

02/02/2007 22:45:52 .Floey Ramone; :] ; can we live like our lives were written by morrisey?
02/02/2007 22:45:53 .Floey Ramone; :] ; please
02/02/2007 22:45:58 .Floey Ramone; :] ; like we live in a smiths song
02/02/2007 22:46:10 This bandwagon's full. Please, catch another. ; oh yes
02/02/2007 22:46:14 .Floey Ramone; :] ; im going to go plan it. talk to you later my lovely :]
02/02/2007 22:46:18 This bandwagon's full. Please, catch another. ; ever so poetic and witty, yet strangely melancholic?
02/02/2007 22:46:21 .Floey Ramone; :] ; il be back in about half hour
02/02/2007 22:46:22 .Floey Ramone; :] ; yes!
02/02/2007 22:46:25 .Floey Ramone; :] ; exactly so
02/02/2007 22:46:28 This bandwagon's full. Please, catch another. ; yes!
02/02/2007 22:46:31 .Floey Ramone; :] ; hehe
02/02/2007 22:46:36 .Floey Ramone; :] ; fairwell my love!
02/02/2007 22:46:38 This bandwagon's full. Please, catch another. ; byeeee (K)

so im going to go to bed and dream about it :]

and forget about real life.
real lifes too complicated at the moment.
its no fun when things get complicated.
give me picnics with jam sandwiches and long love letters any day :]

dance like a beautiful dance whore

February 1, 2007 ]
im a terrible person.
i havent been blogging. :|
il send myself to bed without any dinner as punishment.
haha. unlikely!
welll college is going good. its all still fun and im enjoying what im doing.
i went to manor for the first time and had a proper giggle.
and i keep buying boots and handbags. haha.

i keep changing my mind about what i want to do next year
were having a try out of each [2D, 3D and fashion]
and im enjoying fashion the mostest.
im not sure.
theres not much oppertunity for a career in fashion. its all so competative. id end up working in a supermarket or somethingg haha.
i dont know :[

ive got a while to decide. and this is assuming i get into the next year. ahaha.
we'll seee!

i need to get a job.
and a bigger wardrobe ahah.
i need more booots and dresses!!

someone help me rob a bank? :]]

once i go up to soho and get some chains i can start making some jewellery and selling that which, if anyones interested in my stuff, should get me some moneyyyyzz!!:D:D

mint :]
dance like a beautiful dance whore

September 3, 2006 ]
uber scared about college.

its going to be well scary

still havent finished the project either :\

i really dont ever seem to learn lol.

its going to suck not having so much free time anymore. but im sure ill have fun at college instead.

[jo we didnt go to the zoo :[
or camden :[

we have to go one weekend instead
come meet me for lunch one day aswell please?
chatham high street or something?]

ok well i should really get on with my project.

also..mum's just served up dinner..and i could actually eat a whole vegetarian, immitation cow right now lol

so ill update later
dance like a beautiful dance whore

August 14, 2006 ]

i well bum pickled onion monster munch <3
dance like a beautiful dance whore

August 13, 2006 ]
we're going out :D
im the happiest iv been in a long time..
dance like a beautiful dance whore

August 11, 2006 ]
[ mood | happy ]

okay so Cookie, Bess?, me, Kris, Dan and Laura (pronounced LAUraa)lol went to the kerrang day of noise!! or wahtever it was called, lol
when we got there, we founded out we needed a wristband to see any of the bands play, which we wouldve had to get there reeediculously early to get.
after a stop at subways to get more straws (dan got about 50 from burger king earlier) we got on a bus to hyde park
realising it was the right bus,going in the wrong direction, we got off and found another bus stop on the right side of the road. lol
when we got to hyde park, it was a bit of a dissapointment.
the grass looked all brown and iffy so we thought wed go somewhere else instead.
and got the tube to camden!

kris decided he needed to cling onto me cos it was a bit scary in camden and ended up holding my hand. with one of my hands occupied he saw it as a perfect opportunity to steal my bandanna that he'd been trying to get all day, lol and decided he wanted to be a bandit. who was i to stop him?
i saw gary neuman! (or the guy that looks a bit like a younger, cuter gary neuman that works in one of the vintage shops)
I bought a tie with bats on cos it was only two pounds (which kris also borrowed, it looked better on him anyway)
and another bandanna with stars and polka dots on (an kris borrowed that too, but he decided it made him look too gay and gave it back for a while lol)

and it was well fun! there were straw wars and random scarf buying

then we went back to victoria with cookie cos her mum was picking her up from there
we had a bit of a wander round victoria, ann summers and sainsburies. and kris put milkshake in my hair :\
we got the train back to chatham after going to mcdonalds and the holy stick that dan had created from stirrers and one of my hair bands got killled!!
and then there was more poking with those lol.

when we got back to chatham we went to the ripper pier and then to the other pier near staples and just hung out for a while! :]

kris and dan walked me home up chatham hilll which was sweet of themm
my mum was well pissed off with me tho cos she wanted me home at 8 and i got home at 9.40 :S

oops. lol.

dance like a beautiful dance whore

August 4, 2006 ]
okay so last night i went to obee's with vix!
we were going to leave at 12 but ended up staying and doing an all nighter!
it wass
me,vix,ande,obee,bernard,harry,joe and george
if i hadnt made vix come with me i would have been the only girl again lol.

we just watched films and stoof it was cool :]
then at about 7am we went to mcdonalds for breakfast and found they dont flipping serve chips till 10.30am!?
but all in all it was a great evening/morning and was well worth the grumpy mum im going to have to face in a bit..

wish me luck :S
dance like a beautiful dance whore

August 3, 2006 ]


dance like a beautiful dance whore

August 3, 2006 ]
today was well good!

i went swimming with aimees mates which i was really nervous about cos id only met kris and dan once before but it was fine because it ended up being me, kris, dan and stu who were all really lovely and made me feel really comfortable with them all and treated me like i was one of their mates even though i was a bit quiet.
we stayed there till about 4 and then went to kfc.
after that we went to the park and i had this kid laughing at me cos he could see what colour undies i was wearing haha
then went to chatham and met daz then went along to the pier in and 5 of us tried to fit in this sinking row boat which was ever so slightly scary.
getting in was ok, it was just getting out that was bad thinking it was about to sink!
then got the train home!

they were all really lovely helping me down this big hill in the woods holiding my hand, picking me up and holding onto me so i didnt fall over. it was like, they didnt need to, but they did :]

i swapped socks with kris and and and yeah
it was basically a awesome day!
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July 1, 2006 ]
uhrr yeah. loserxcore or what?

ok. so im 16 next week. none of my friends like eachother. so any form of party would be incredibly awkward.
i think i might just do it and enjoy myself reguardlesss of what other people are doing. lol.

sounds like a plan :D
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June 26, 2006 ]
'Hmm. It doesnt look like im going to see you again. Im gonna drink myself stupid now. i suggest you find someone who is nearer then 120 miles away.'

i had an awesome day.
i met lostprophets.
was brilliant. i had a fantastic time. i got home. and got a text message. ooh brilliant! one from oska. maybe he hasnt forgotten about me.
no. he hasnt. but he obviously wants to.

i dont know what hurt more.
that he just dumped me. or that he was so insensitive and cold about it.
bitchy even.

as great a job as chris did cheering me up. i dont think its going to last.

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June 22, 2006 ]

okay. uhr. i can smell onions.
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June 17, 2006 ]
Uhm, so i dont really know whats going on right now. ive just finished school forever. and i feel a bit lost really. i dont have exactly a month till i go to italy. its 22 days till my birthday and oskas back for the last time and its unlikely ill see him. i cant think about anything right now. i dont know why. everything just seems so out of proportion yet completely unimportant.

i dont know whats going on.
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June 8, 2006 ]

okay so i went to the kiad induction.

was well good

lots of well cool people

and im well excited.

i just hope i get the grades!

on another note!

ive done some proper designs for clothes and bags and purses and stuff, so next next week ill take miss allen up on her offer of using the sewing machines over study leave, and get that shizzz going!

and finally!

its my birthday next month!
and im having a glasto/pool party.

im a bit excited i am. cos hopefully by then ill have snake bites!!

and and and. yesh...it should be ace woo yeah!

(as long as it doesnt rain)

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May 29, 2006 ]
okay so this took me ages to do, and i dont think it even works cos its too big :(

but. if you save it it might work

i animated it but it doesnt move. lol


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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May 23, 2006 ]

i was ill all weekend.
i spent all sunday and monday in quarantine in bed.
and every time i moved it felt like i was about to fall over.
and my neck felt like i had whiplash. and my throat was all unswallowy.
and i had a icky headache.

i still have the headache. and the neckouchyness.

and i think i failed english.
i ran out of time. i knew i would.


dance like a beautiful dance whore

May 23, 2006 ]


i just spent the past hour sitting on my doorstep cos i forgot my keys.

turns out my mum was in. (even though she didnt answer teh phone).

(or the door)

nevermind. i graffiti'd the floor outside my front door with a permanent marker. so it was a constructive use of an hour..


princess peach!

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